Sunday, January 30, 2011

LEXIE WATT - 24th January - 4th March 2011

Wearing two hats in my working life, I work as a pathology sister 3 days a week and try to paint the rest of the week.  I have tried many art forms over the years and each has given something which lends itself to the next one or gives an understanding to the execution of the present one.

Teaching and Exhibiting Porcelain Painting at an international level for close on 25 years has left its impression on how I approach my current love, watercolours and ink. Working in washes and lots of detail many times over. My porcelain was given a chapter in Trish Bradfords book Porcelain a Fine Art.

Printmaking came along about 10 yrs ago and even though I don’t do traditional prints any more, monoprints and embossing of brass, aluminium and copper[oxidised] feature quite a bit. I use my love of the Australian bush and its wonderful array of beautiful leaves, bark and flowers for inspiration. I love to paint the old weathered and scarred over the youthful blooms and fresh leaves.

Writing and illustrating “CHOOKIES”- my first published Children’s  Picture Book came out at the end of 2009 by Little Steps Publishing. This was nominated by the publisher for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards 2010. Although not in the last 10 was very exciting to be nominated. Chookies went into reprint in 2010. It is about 2 chooks escaping getting locked in a dress shop overnight, their capture escape and recapture. Based on a true story in my sister and brother in laws shop in Kiama .A second book about  2 naughty  white cockies Where is my Dinner? Is submitted and waiting for a yes from a publisher. A sequel to Chookies is also well on the way to completition.

2003 2nd Wyong Watercolour Art Prize
2004 runner up Kiwi Watercolour Art Prize Wollongong Art Gallery
2009 Solo Exhibition Parklife Gallery Stanwell Park
2009 Large commission to frame one 3mt by 1mt mirror in oxidised, embossed copper and 21 paintings and another 3mt by 1mt mirror with oxidised and embossed copper in the corporate dining room at Tumbling Waters Resort at Stanwell Tops.
2010 Solo Exhibition at Eden Gardens North Ryde
2010 runner up Kiwi Watercolour Art Prize Wollongong Art Gallery


  1. Hi Lexie, was it your work I saw in the James Kiwi exhibition recently? I was very impressed and wondered if you would be interested in sharing an exhibition with me anytime. See my work here: and at
    Thanks, beautiful.

  2. ps, my email is x

  3. Dear Lexie,

    I was so sorry to have missed catching up with you at the Wollongong CBCA luncheon this week, especially as I often have children's author functions here at Woonona and would like to include you in future. I loved your story about the chook (what an amazing fowl!) and look forward to reading your book. Get back in touch with me, will you? Di Bates