Monday, February 28, 2011

NICK BROWN - Battered Suitcase / 14th - 27th March

OPENING: Saturday 19th March  /  3pm - 5pm

Experience images of the familiar and the unfamiliar from some of the most remote, unique and iconic locations around the world. The exhibition brings together a selection of photos from Nicholas’ travels to Antarctica, the Pacific, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia and North America. 

Come along to seek inspiration for your next adventure with your own ‘Battered Suitcase’.

Artist's statement:

When I started working as an Earth Scientist in 2006, I didn’t own a passport. Since then, I have worked in every State and Territory of Australia and travelled to 21 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, North America and Antarctica. I use satellite technology to measure plate tectonic motion, changes in sea levels due to climate change and variations in the Earth’s gravity field. Although the purpose of most of my travelling has been for work as an Earth Scientist, my camera is never far away.

My passion for photography began on a trip to Antarctica; without a doubt the most astounding place I have been fortunate enough to visit. I lived there for 4 months in the summer of 2006/07, spending weeks on end camping out on remote rock outcrops and glaciers, often being more than 500 km from the next nearest person. I wanted to capture the essence of the place to show to family and friends. Although it was an impossible task, I believe I was at least able to give loved ones a snap shot of what my life was like.

Ever since I have continued to try and sum up a place in a picture. Sometimes it is the landscape, sometimes the people. Whatever it is, the picture always reminds me of a story, and how I felt. That is the beauty of photography.

Nick talking about his work at the opening.



  1. Nick - your photos are always so beautiful and inspiring. I am sorry that I will miss your exhibition. Could you possibly exhibit the week after in London? SJ

  2. An artist can always travel Sharyn, if the fare is paid...:).

    I missed the official opening but have seen the exhibition.

    Beautiful work Nick.