Monday, October 18, 2010

Mental Health Month & Triple Care Farm art therapy exhibition - more than just an art class

This year the theme is RESILIENCE.  How do we build our resilience in the good times to keep us bouyant in the tough times?  Are we aware of the mechanisms and simply daily choices that support our happiness?  If we or someone is spiralling down the road to self harm or suicide would we know how to help them?

During Mental Health Month Gallery Chiron and the Robertson Doctor are running a free speaking program with an exhibition of art therapy work from Triple Care Farm.  We invite the local community to invest in your own wellbeing.  Take a moment when the going's good to strengthen the ties to what nourishes us as individuals and a community.

Everyone Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREE speaker series
Wednesday 6th October 6pm
Dee Neveling (resident Psychologist at the Robertson Doctor): Don’t worry be Happy

Wednesday 13th October 6pm
Sandra Bolack: Towards a Suicide safe community.

Wednesday 20th October 6pm + Triple Care Farm art exhibition opening afterwards
Marie Rose: Art Therapy more than just an art class

Sunday 31st October 11am
Anastasia Yatras: Yoga practice and life practice. Wear comfortable clothes to try out some easy yoga poses to support your daily life.

Some photos of the Triple Care Farm exhibition with Marie Rose and the young artists.

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