Thursday, April 29, 2010

Janice Heberling - SUBMERSION - 11th June - 23rd July 2010

Come to our opening on FRIDAY 11th June and meet this emerging young artist.

Artist Statement

I grew up around the Illawarra on the South Coast of NSW, an area known for its beaches and surfer activity.
The beaches along the NSW South Coast and my interest in surfing has provided the inspiration for my underwater paintings and drawings.

My underwater series draws upon my experiences as a surfer and my observation of the ocean. Before I started surfing I was someone who enjoyed looking at the ocean to watch the waves crash on a stormy day and never had thought I would ride the waves. That feeling when cutting through under the surf with the short board or when you duck dive is a great experience and adrenaline rush, which leaves you feeling free and invisible.

Later on through surfing, I became fascinated by the way the body moves underwater and the way the atmosphere of the ocean changes rapidly from clear to obscure and cloudy. I started to observe and become focused on these certain things about the ocean which became the beginning of my Submersion project. I attempt to capture through my painting and drawing series these fascinations of being submerged in the ocean. I play around with the movements of the body when it gets dragged and pushed through the water. I also look at translating the different colours that form light to make the atmosphere of the underwater world, which are documented by sources of imagery that record for me the underwater environment in all its states of atmosphere, from clear to murky.

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